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The Courthouse Medical Centre

Think Healthcare provides a sophisticated cloud telephony solution delivered without any downtime to help alleviate The Courthouse Medical Centre’s call issues.
Courthouse Medical Centre building

The Challenge

The Courthouse Medical Centre in Caerphilly experienced continuous problems with their lines, which resulted in phones constantly ringing and patients being disconnected during calls. It was also difficult to make outgoing calls at times.

The Solution

The Think Healthcare team had a clear understanding of The Courthouse Medical Centre’s needs and was able to propose a cost-effective solution that met all their requirements by increasing capacity for incoming and outgoing calls, introducing effective call queuing, and proving live and historic call statistics.

As healthcare telecommunications are an essential service, GP surgery phone systems need to be in top shape to reduce call waiting times for patients. Therefore, the migration to a new cloud telephony healthcare solution needed to be a quick process to ensure that GP services could continue to run smoothly.

The transition to Think Healthcare’s cloud phone system was managed with an approach based on open discussion between our team and The Courthouse Medical Centre’s management to discuss progress and make sure any potential issues could be promptly addressed.

The Result

The migration was successful and completely problem-free with zero downtime. After using Think Healthcare Solution for just a short period of time, The Courthouse Medical Centre noticed a substantial difference as calls became easy to manage, giving them increased flexibility and making staff feel safe in the knowledge that they could depend on an efficient solution and therefore provide patients with the best possible service.

“We had problems with our lines, they were constantly ringing, and patients were being cut off, it was also impossible to get a line out at times.

On the actual day we moved over there was no downtime and the engineers who came were professional, efficient and friendly.

We are now a week into using the cloud solution and the difference in managing calls could not be more efficient, our staff and patients are very happy with the system, and we are safe in the knowledge that we have access to ongoing support when needed.

The system is flexible and we would highly recommend Think Healthcare’s solution to any practice wanting to improve their telephone communication system. All this at a competitive price too.”

Melanie Purser — Practice Manager