Accelerate patient access.

Meet Virtual Care Navigator, a state-of-the-art automated patient service solution.

Virtual Care Navigator

Virtual Care Navigator, delivered by Think Healthcare, is the most advanced and flexible automated patient service solution on the market, bringing self-service tools usually only found in online portals straight into your practice phone system.


Designed to make it quicker and easier for patients to get the help they need from your surgery, Virtual Care Navigator is just what the doctor ordered and is fully customisable to ensure it works to support YOUR practice, 24/7.

Improving patient access

Virtual Care Navigator provides patients with the ability to call to book GP and nurse appointments, around the clock, without the need to try to beat the 8am rush or wait in a lengthy queue.


It’s wealth of self-serve features also allows patients to check or cancel appointments, book vaccinations, order repeat prescriptions, obtain answers to routine queries, find information on alternative services and more.

Designed for your surgery

Virtual Care Navigator can be deployed with EmisWeb, SystmOne and Vision clinical systems, and can be fully customised for your surgery’s specific needs.


It has been designed to enhance the Think Healthcare phone system, is the only appointment booking system made for the NHS and is available with multi-language to improve patient access while reducing access inequalities and digital exclusion.

Virtual Care Navigator – for patients and practices

Virtual Care Navigator enables patients to access all common practice services automatically, over the phone, at any time of day, without waiting in a queue! And when over 70% of patient contacts are over the phone, Virtual Care Navigator can have a big impact on reducing phone queues allowing practice staff to focus on those calls needing the most support.

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Check & cancel

7% of all inbound calls to GP surgeries involve patients enquiring to check or cancel booked appointments. Virtual Care Navigator helps your patients check or cancel quickly, simply and directly into your clinical system, instantly freeing up the appointment for another patient and improving the overall efficiency of your call center staff.

Order prescriptions

Want to comply with the NHS drive to not take manual script requests over the phone, but don’t want to reduce patient service? Virtual Care Navigator allows repeat script ordering by phone safely and securely straight into the doctors Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) queue.

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Book appointments

Free up time for your call center and admin staff with self server appointment booking for your patients. Whether it’s a simple GP appointment, or a dedicated part of your system to book flu jabs, Virtual Care Navigator can be set-up to allow customised booking of appointments over the phone 24/7, direct into the clinical system.

Person dialing numbers on handset

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West Quay Medical Centre

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Think Healthcare provides a sophisticated cloud telephony solution delivered without any downtime to help alleviate The Courthouse Medical Centre’s call issues.
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